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Welcome !

Learn interactive puppetry and break new ground in therapy, education or care.

I'm Julia Zeman

Expert in interactive puppetry , creative therapist, coach, passionate workshop leader and founder  of  Puppetuni *  with a clear vision : 

lively, creative, consistently positive

I want to teach as many therapists, caregivers, educators  and parents as possible the wonderful possibilities of interactive puppetry for more joy of play, more freedom of expression and easier building of trust .

It's not about memorizing lyrics and "playing something" for someone. By using a puppet

  • you can help small and big people to gain trust faster and to open up for development and healing.

  • You can clarify topics from new (for example childrens) perspectives without losing the clarity of your adult role.

  • You can find solutions while playing instead of overtaxing yourself with rational explanations.

  • bring joy and lightness to difficult processes.

So: does that sound good to you? Then you are exactly right here!

success stories

Martina Kauffman  

Children & Adolescents



MANY thanks for these wonderful and really enriching days!!

The successes were immediately visible today:

The girl H. immediately found a high-intensity wire to the doll and poured her heart out.


Wow, I'm completely floored after this success and I'm sooo grateful to you that I got so much in my hand with this course that my whole work changes with it.


Evelyn Otte  

Body language and communication trainer


It was wonderful. I learned something really new.


And you are such a magical player. I could watch you for hours.


Peter Hauff  

speech therapist


The pedagogical opportunities that are also open to us speech therapists through the use of a doll are enormous.


In the seminar, Julia lets you experience first-hand how you can turn oversized "gloves" into a personality. Giving the puppet a voice and bringing it to life is tremendous fun.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  


Do you feel a longing for liveliness?
Then now is the right moment to say yes!

Interactive puppetry is great 


  • to find easier ways to new solutions than by just "talking about it"  

  • to experience new perspectives and to make them tangible for others

  • simply having more fun at work or in private life

  • learn to communicate more creatively

  • to bring themselves and others into contact with their "superpowers".

  • improve therapeutic, educational and personal relationships

  • to open new doors in difficult situations

  • Let emotions flow more freely

  • to bring more vitality into all areas of life

  • and...

it just makes you happy!

Learn interactive puppetry and enter the magical world of "living" puppets!

Your best options:

Working one on one with Julia

Get tailor-made support for your personal concerns... puppetry lessons, coaching, supervision.


Puppetuni workshops & training courses 

Learn with like-minded people from different areas or together with your team 

Anker Angebote

book a puppeteer

Book a Puppetuni puppeteer for your special occasion or as a regular offer 


Puppetry - online course for moms & dads

The 10 week puppetry online course for parents who want to use a puppet to improve their relationship with their children.

coming soon
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