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Lively, creative, consistently positive

Hello, I'm Julia Zeman


Expert in interactive puppetry , actress, psychodrama director, systemic coach, hypnotherapist, passionate workshop leader, inventor of the Puppetuni method and founder of the Puppetuni Institute 

I love it when people start to see the good in themselves and each other . Helping with this is my greatest pleasure .

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Julia's philosophy

Four basic values for learning with joy and ease

What do people actually need in order to be able to develop optimally? In my work as an interactive puppeteer and instructor for interactive puppetry I like to ask myself this question. Four simple Core values form the ground on which I want to plant all my work with people:​

Appreciation - spirit of research - challenge - clean feedback

Appreciation means unconditional recognition of how you are in the here and now. It is an unbiased acceptance of your current mood and your unique mix of skills, ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

Appreciating yourself is just as important as experiencing appreciation from others - in fact, even more so. Since most people find it difficult to treat themselves with unreserved appreciation, appreciating others can be a great help in learning self-esteem . 

What absolutely excites me...

how interpersonal connection and community develop on the basis of these four basic values. 

The more we feel connected to one another and not afraid of being shamed or judged by others, the easier it is to be creative and express ourselves authentically . And the more nonjudgmentally we watch each other, the more valuable the feedback we use to help each other develop new skills . When we begin to dare to show something of ourselves , we can encourage others to do the same.


This creates a PERMISSION SPACE full of playfulness,

Inspiration and touching moments.

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