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Erfahre mehr über unsere kostenlosen Inhouse-Fortbildungen in Kooperation mit der Innungskrankenkasse Brandenburg und Berlin

100% assumption of costs for employees of inpatient care facilities in Berlin and Brandenburg

In cooperation with the  Guild Health Insurance Fund Brandenburg and Berlin (IKKBB)  we have been running the "Say it through the doll!" project since 2018. 

Say it through the doll!

Puppetry training in cooperation with the IKKBB


On request, the entire costs for the two-day basic training and an advanced course can be covered.  

​The training can take place directly in your institution or in an office of the IKKBB. In order to support the work with the large hand puppets in the best possible way, each participating institution will also receive two hand puppets as a permanent loan for free use.

Are you an employee or manager in an inpatient care facility and would you like to experience the liveliness of the interactive hand puppet show in your home? Do you have colleagues who are also interested in training? Excellent! Simply send us an informal inquiry by email or give us a call . We will be happy to get back to you and inform you about the process and the necessary framework conditions for the basic course.

Free training FAQ:
  • For whom does the IKKBB bear the costs? All inpatient care facilities in Berlin and Brandenburg can receive the training free of charge.


  • Is the number of free training courses limited? Yes, there are for the project "Say it through the puppet!" The IKKBB has a fixed budget and only institutions that apply early enough can take part.

  • Do we have to be insured with the IKKBB? No.

  • When does the training take place? On two days, from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m  p.m. or otherwise by arrangement. (One-day training courses are also possible.)


  • Where does the training take place? In the participating institution - everywhere in Berlin and Brandenburg - or in an office of the IKKBB.

  • Does my institution have to pay anything? No. The costs are covered 100% by the IKKBB.  


  • Do we have to buy hand puppets? No. A selection of hand puppets will be made available to try out during the seminar. After completing the training, you choose two of the four hand puppets that the IKKBB gives you on permanent loan.


  • Is hand puppetry really suitable for older people? Access to puppetry does not primarily depend on a person's age. Experience has shown that many older people react with joy, emotion and increased attention to a live hand puppet.  ​​

  • Do we also have to carry out the advanced training course in our company? No, the deepening is an optional offer that can be booked after successful basic training.

  • Is there a minimum number of participants? Yes, at least 6 employees must participate. Joint further training for employees from several companies is also possible.

  • What do I have to do to get the training for our facility? Simply send an informal request stating your facility and contact information. We will contact you to clarify any further questions. ​


Content of the training



1 day  

  • How do I bring a puppet to "life"?

  • Introduction to puppetry technique with many

  • practical exercises

  • Dealing with voice and language

  • dialogue technique

  • improvisation exercises

  • Beginning and ending rituals of game sequences


2 day  

  • Roles and functions of puppets in inpatient care facilities

  • Puppeteering for people with dementia

  • Creating good framework conditions

  • Links with biographical work, memory training, exercise offers, etc.

  • Individual coaching and transfer to concrete work processes of the training participants.


We let the puppets dance:

Educational,​ therapeutically, or as an extraordinary highlight at events.

We love liveliness! We love puppets!

Simply send us a non-binding inquiry and briefly describe your request, we will get back to you and discuss all further steps with you.

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